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Each crook, each dent, each pattern, each smoothening, each particle of left over dust has a story to tell.

A journey of a thousand steps. A journey of a single crevice. A journey of the first dent on smooth, untouched, stunning silver. A journey that started with a single karigar in a single room, shifted then to a garage, is now a strong base of 112 in a workshop. From the inception of every single idea to a masterpiece created by hand. Each is different. Because what you own, is a piece of a karigar's mind, heart, soul and love. Hands that slowly caress the silver that takes shape. Minds that create modern designs never seen before. Forging a bond between the traditional and the new, one masterpiece at a time.

What began as an idea in a small room with one such master creator, took 6 years to become Code Silver. The beauty and love of our traditional arts, fused with the modern sensibilities of our audiences, creating symphonies in molten gray, etching love and memories forever. Redefining silver, one memory at a time.

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